VII Euro-Asian Symposium “Trends in Magnetism” (EASTMAG-2019)08-13 September, 2019. Ekaterinburg, Russia

EASTMAG-2019 continues the tradition of important scientific symposiums on topical problems of magnetism and magnetic materials which consolidate scientists from Russia and other countries working in these fields. This series of symposia started in the Institute of Metal Physics UB RAS (the city of Ekaterinburg, Russia) in 2001.

M.N. Miheev Institute of Metal Physics of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMP UB RAS) is the largest academic institute in the Ural Federal District and Russia’s research flagship in such fields as physics of magnetically ordered crystals and metallic nanostructures, material science, methods of nondestructive testing, radiation solid state physics, the theory of strongly correlated electron systems.

The scientific program of the VII Euro-Asian Symposium “Trends in Magnetism” includes:

  • Spintronics and magnetic nanostructures
  • Spin dynamics and magnetic resonances
  • Low dimensional magnetism
  • Domain walls, vortices and skyrmions
  • Magnetotransport, magnetooptics and magnetophotonics
  • Magnetoelastic, magnetocaloric and shape memory effects
  • Frustrated and disordered magnetism
  • Magnetism of strongly correlated electron systems
  • Magnetism and superconductivity
  • Soft and hard magnetic materials
  • Magnetic semiconductors, multiferroics, topological insulators
  • Magnetic soft matter
  • Magnetism in biology and medicine
  • Magnetic non-destructive testing


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