TOPIQ | Crystalline Sponge Method

The Crystalline Sponge method is an option to obtain structural information for compounds that are otherwise inaccessible to common crystallographic approaches because they are of low availability, liquids or gases at room temperature. Such sponges are porous crystalline metal organic frameworks that can absorb and orient organic molecules in their defined pores. An introduction to the method is given including a structure refinement using Olex².
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Christian Göb


Rigaku School for Practical Crystallography

The School starting June 1st is now over subscribed and we are no longer taking new registrations. Please join the July edition of this school instead.

A lot of younger members of the scientific community will be missing out on some opportunities to learn crystallography at schools and conferences this summer, so you are invited to a series of ten tuition-free 1-hour webinars on practical aspects of X-ray crystallography. The majority of the time will be spent on small molecule crystallography, but we will also air sessions on macromolecular crystallography and powder diffraction. This is a great opportunity for people who are interested in crystallography to gain a basic foundation of single crystal analysis from a practical point of view.

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