PETRA IV Workshop “Technical Challenges and Scientific Computing”

Recently, DESY has opened a call for PETRA IV scientific instrumentation, where researchers from all fields of science were asked to submit proposals for experiments (see indico page).

The workshop “Technical Challenges and Scientific Computing” is one out of four PETRA IV workshops dedicated to addressing technical and computing challenges and organized within the process of developing the PETRA IV scientific instrumentation proposals. This specific workshop is aiming to identify potential technical challenges and scientific computing issues with respect to PETRA IV and to foster the exchange of ideas and concepts among different user communities and the facility as well as to determine technical requirements for experiments at PETRA IV

The scope of the workshop covers talks about technical challenges and scientific computing at PETRA IV as well as a poster session.

This workshop will be an online workshop.

–  Click here to download the full timetable.

–  Click here for more information on the poster session and Zoom links.

Organization Committee: R. Döhrmann, J. Raabe, F. Seiboth, J. Garrevoet, A. Barty, T. Kracht, H. Schulte-Schrepping, T. Salditt, F. Westermeier, M. Sprung, J. Hakanpää, S. Fiedler, D. Pennicard, C. Wunderer, H. Graafsma, A.-C. Dippel, M. v. Zimmermann, M. Müller, P. Staron, C. Krywka, M. Etter, F. Bertram, C. Shen, U. Lienert, O. Wendt, M. Lippmann, A. Ehnes, W. Roseker, T. F. Keller, H.-P. Liermann, I. Sergeev, A. Kotlov, O. Leupold, M. Naumova, A. Schökel, F. Trinter, R. Farla, K. Glazyrin, K. Bagschik, S. Klumpp, O. Seeck, H. C. Wille, M. Kreuzeder

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