The annual event dedicated to the ESRF user community: learn about, discuss and experience the science and cutting-edge research made with ESRF synchrotron light

The annual ESRF User Meeting will take place in early February 2021, six months into user operation with the ESRF-EBS, the world’s first and brightest 4th generation high energy source. 

The online ESRF User Meeting will be an excellent opportunity to hear the latest research and technical news, including the latest news on COVID-19 research at the ESRF. Although the current public health situation in Europe does not allow us to hold the meeting on site, the programme of the virtual meeting has been designed to encourage users and scientists interested in the ESRF to attend, hear the latest scientific and technical news, and interact remotely from the comfort of their office or home. This time together will be the perfect breeding ground for new research ideas, which can be exploited for the March 2021 proposal submission deadline.

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Overall programme


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