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IBS2020 Lectures can be downloaded here.

The International Research Center “Coherent X-ray optics for Megascience facilities” Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University plans to hold the International Baltic School 2020: New Opportunities of MegaScience Facilities.  The school will be held in Kaliningrad, a city located on the Baltic coast in Russia, from November 02 – 06, 2020.

The International Baltic School will be held on the eve of the 125th anniversary of the discovery of X-rays, which took place on November 8, 1895. The main goal of this school is to highlight the fundamentals of the physics of X-ray and neutron radiation from new generation sources and free electron lasers. Young scientists – participants of the school – will be shown the new opportunities of Megascience facilities, the potential of their use and development prospects.

The format of the event will be mixed (online and offline). Video conferencing will be organized for online participants and lecturers using the Zoom platform.

The conference link is available under request by e-mail at


International Baltic School 2020: New Opportunities of MegaScience Facilities is organized with the support of Russian Science Foundation.

Invited Lecturers:

  • Prof. Vladimir Bushuev (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia)
  • Dr. Igor Dolbnya (Diamond, UK)
  • Prof. Kristina Kvashnina (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany)
  • Dr. Andrei Rogalev (ESRF, France)
  • Prof. Alexander Ioffe (Jülich Centre for Neutron Science, Germany)
  • Dr. Konstantin Klementiev (MAX IV, Sweden)
  • Prof. Anatoly Balagurov (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia)
  • Dr. Oleksandr Yefanov (CFEL, Germany)
  • Dr. Sergey Pikuz (Joint Institute for High Temperatures of the RAS, Russia)
  • Prof. Alexandr Gromov (National University of Science and Technology “MISIS”, Russia)
  • Prof. Victor Kohn (National Research Center «Kurchatov Institute», Russia)
  • Dr. Sergey Rashchenko (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Russia)
  • Dr. Vyacheslav Yunkin (Institute of Microelectronics Technology RAS, Russia)
  • Dr. Yakov Rakshun (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics of SB RAS, Russia)
  • Prof. Nikolay Vinokurov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics of SB RAS, Russia)
  • Dr. Konstantin Glazyrin (DESY, PETRA III, Germany)
  • Dr. Aleksey Shkvarin (M.N. Mikheev Institute of Metal Physics UB RAS, Russia)
  • Dr. Sergey Antipov (Euclid TechLabs, LLC, USA)
  • Dr. Vladimir Voronin (PNPI named by B.P.Konstantinov of NRC «Kurchatov Institute», Russia)
  • Dr. Vladimir Popov (Israel Institute of Metals, Technion R&D Foundation, Israel)
  • Dr. Ilya Sergueev (DESY PETRA-III, Germany)
  • Dr. Natalia Bakhtina (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
  • Dr. Rinat Galiev (IUHFSE RAS, Russia)
  • Dr. Alexander Merentsov (M.N. Mikheev Institute of Metal Physics UB RAS, Russia)
  • Prof. Konstantin V. Rudenko (Valiev Institute of Physics and Technology RAS, Russia)
  • Dr. Alevtina Smekhova (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (HZB) Germany)
  • Prof. Serguei Molodtsov (XFEL, Germany)
  • Prof. Valery Nesvizhevsky (Institut Laue-Langevin, France)
  • Dr. Egor Lychagin (Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia)
  • Dr. Nikolay Chkhalo (Institute for Physics of Microstructures RAS, Russia)
  • Dr. Vladimir Hutanu (RWTH Aachen University, Germany)
  • Prof. Sergey Panin (Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science of SB RAS, Tomsk, Russia)
  • Dr. Igor Schelokov (Institute of Microelectronics Technology and High Purity Materials of the RAS, Russia)
  • Prof. Leonid Goray (St.Petersburg Academic University, St.Petersburg, Russian Federation)
  • Dr. Oleg Konovalov (ESRF, France)

The School Chair:

  • Prof. Anatoly Snigirev (Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University)

Organizing Committee:

  • Dr. Maksim Korobenkov
  • Dr. Ksenia Chichay
  • Mr. Sergey Shevyrtalov
  • Ms. Daria Ozerova

Contact person: Dr. Maksim Korobenkov

Book of Abstracts

Participants are given free access to all School events, bag with complete school materials, free coffee breaks, lunches and school dinner.