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X-Ray Programs

  1. IMD

    Multilayer optical properties: modeling and curve-fitting IDL package written by David Windt.

  2. Sergey’s X-Ray Library

    Web based calculations of scattering factors for dynamical x-ray diffraction and simulations of dynamical x-ray diffraction profiles from strained crystals and multilayers. Authored by Sergey Stepanov at the Advanced Photon Source.

  3. Stony Brook IDL Routines

    IDL routines which calculate the complex index of refraction for a material from the atomic scattering factors. The output of these routines may be then used in the calculation of other quantities such as the transmission of a filter, etc. A routine to calculate reflectivity is also available. Written by Chris Jacobsen.

  4. XOP

    XOP is a widget based interface which drives different programs that calculates the synchrotron radiation source spectra (bending magnet, wigglers and undulators) and the reflection and transmission characteristics of optical elements as: mirror, filters, flat crystals, bent perfect crystals, and multilayers. XOP is the result of a collaboration work between Manuel Sanchez del Rio (ESRF) and Roger J. Dejus (APS).