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10-12 October, 2018. Gdansk, Poland

The International School on XFEL: Science and Instrumentation is organized in close collaboration between Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (Kaliningrad, Russia), Gdańsk University of Technology (Gdańsk, Poland), European XFEL (Schenefeld, Germany) and National Research Center “Kurchatov Institute” (Moscow, Russia).

European XFEL is a novel scientific tool with parameters exceeding those in already existed facilities. Being a next-generation X-ray source, XFEL is intended to face the actual challenges both in fundamental science and applications. Two-days school (seminar) in Gdansk is organized to illuminate the XFEL physics and provided methods, elucidate their potential for research, and pave the way for young scientists and introduce them to XFEL community.

The school will cover the basics of XFEL physics and instrumentation, specific topics, such as ptychography and X-ray optics for FEL’s, and give insight into possibilities for crystallography, ultrafast phenomena, magnetism, and biology. The world level scientists from the USA, Japan, Germany and etc. will share their experience and acquired knowledge.

All participants are welcome to submit the abstract for the Poster Session. For more details please see the Registration info.


  • Fundamentals of XFEL radiation. FEL accelerator physics.
  • Beamlines for photon transport and handling. XFEL instrumentation.
  • Advanced methods and techniques provided on XFEL.
  • Advantages of using coherent X-ray’s. Ptychography and imaging.
  • X-ray optics for XFEL.
  • Study of magnetism by XFEL.


  • Prof.  Robert Feidenhans’l (EU-XFEL)
  • Prof. Serguei Molodtsov  (EU-XFEL, ITMO University, TU Freiberg)
  • Prof. Alexandr Blagov (NRC “Kurchatov Institute”)
  • Prof. Kazuto Yamauchi (Osaka University)
  • Dr. Wojciech Gawelda (EU-XFEL)
  • Dr. Makina Yabashi (SPring-8)
  • Dr. Oleksandr Yefanov (CFEL)
  • Dr. Aymeric Robert (LCLS)
  • Dr. Oleg Chubar (NSLS-II)
  • Dr. Dmitry Khakhulin (EU-XFEL)
  • Dr. Saša Bajt (DESY)
  • Dr. Clemens von Korff Schmising (MBI-Berlin)
  • Dr. Ryszard Sobierajski (IP PAS)
  • Dr. Adrian Mancuso (EU-XFEL)


  • Prof. Anatoly Snigirev (IKBFU)
  • Prof. Wojciech Sadowski (GUT)
  • Prof. Serguei Molodtsov (EU-XFEL, ITMO University, TU Freiberg)
  • Dr. Igor Zhukovskii (Rossotrudnichestvo)
  • Prof. Alexandr Blagov (NRC “Kurchatov Institute”)
  • Dr. Mikhail Popov (NRC “Kurchatov Institute”)

Organizing Committee:

  • Dr. Ksenia Chichay (IKBFU)
  • Dr. Petr Ershov (IKBFU)
  • Ms. Nataly Klimova (IKBFU)
  • Mr. Sergey Shevyrtalov (IKBFU)
  • Mr. Nikolai Novoseltsev (IKBFU)
  • Prof. Anna Perelomova (GUT)
  • Dr. Pawel Wojda (GUT)

Contact person: Dr. Ksenia Chichay
E-Mail: xopticslab@gmail.com

For registration please fill in the registration form and send it together with abstract (optionally) to xopticslab@gmail.com
Deadline for registration: September 30, 2018 September 1, 2018 

Registration fee: 100 euro.
Registration fee can be paid on-site by cash.

Registration fee includes:
– admission to the welcome ceremony
– coffee/tea during the breaks
– school dinner
– admission to all scientific sessions
– access to the poster area
– school bag and the name badge
– school program and book of abstracts
– certificate of attendance

If you need an invitation letter for Schengen VISA application, please contact the organizers as soon as possible. 

The school will take place at Hotel Bartan in Gdansk (ul. Turystyczna 9A).
If you would like to book a room at Hotel Bartan please contact the organizers.